Butcher's shop






  • b:Butcher a dead animal
    主にHunterが持ち帰った動物の死体をmeat, fat, skin, bones, skullsに解体する。
  • e:Extract from a dead animal
    cageに入ったfire snake, cave spider, phantom spiderが必要。スキルanimal dissectionも必要。「from a dead animal」という表示に反して生きているverminが必要。liquid fireとvenomが生成される。
  • a:Capture a live land animal
    アイテムanimal trapとスキルtrappingが必要。ドワーフがverminを一匹捕まえるまで追い続ける。


  • Slaughtering produces a lot of products that go to a variety of Stockpiles, and will quickly rot if they don't get stored or processed. Meat and fat go to your food stockpile, while bones, skulls, chunks, and raw hides need a Refuse? stockpile. Setting up appropriate and proximate stockpiles can speed production and reduce Clutter in the butcher's shop.
  • Food Hauling? is typically a low-priority job?, and meat rots quickly if not in a stockpile - have ample dwarves (mostly) dedicated to food hauling for the jobs you produce, or your freshly butchered meat may go to waste.
  • Butchering just one dog, a typical size 5 Creature?, will create 5 meat, 5 chunks, 5 bones, 1 skull and 1 fat - 17 items, all at once, and your butcher's shop is instantly mired into the 1st level of Clutter, with the next task taking 2x as long as it should. Larger animals (most Domestic animal?s are size 8-10) produce much more, creating x4 or x5 clutter delays. Therefore, it's recommended that you not only have nearby stockpiles and ample haulers, but multiple butcher's shops to distribute the workload of butchering numerous animals, each handling one in turn as the previous shop is cleared out, ready for the next job. (As an extreme alternative, deconstructing the butcher's shop and then rebuilding it will scatter the contents on the ground and outside - where they'll quickly rot unless hauled.) Some animals travel in herds of as many as 10, and multiple herds are possible.
  • Create custom stockpiles for raw hides close to your Tanner's shop? (see [[Meat_industry#Tanning|Tanning]]) and build your tanner's shop next to your butcher's shop. Create custom stockpiles for bones and skulls close to your Craftsdwarf's workshop? (see [[Meat_industry#Bone carving|Bone carving]]), and change the settings on your general refuse pile(s) to not accept hides, bones or skulls.
  • 屠殺は肉を多く生成するが、肉は使われなければrefuse pileで腐る。そして腐った肉は屋内ではmiasmaを発生させる。miasmaによってドワーフを不幸(unhappy thoughts)にしないためにもbutcher's shopを屋外に置いてもいいかもしれない。
  • もしButcher's shopが外に置かれていて、[o][r]から確認できるCurrent Refuse Ordersが "Dwarves ignore refuse from outside" になっていると、Butcher's shop内のmeat等のrefuseはRefuse Stockpileに運ばれることなく置かれたままになる。meat(肉)は朽ち果て、hide(皮)はtanner's shopがある場合は加工されるだろうが、bonesとskullsは積もりに積もってButcher's shopをClutter(CLT)状態にしてしまう。

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